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Wild Dunes

On entering Isle of Palms from Hwy 517, turn left (East) at the stop light onto Palm Blvd (Hwy 703).  After a short distance (0.2 mile) Palm Blvd will take a sharp turn to the right imediately followed by a sharp turn to the left.  Continue East on Palm Blvd another 1.8 miles at which point it will take a sharp turn to the left.  Imediately turn right, continue 5 blocks and then turn left into the Wild Dunes resort security gate.  Provide the security guard with your name & villa number, and he/she will issue you a vehicle pass.  You will now be traveling East on Palmetto Dr.  Continue East for 1.9 miles and you will see the Port O' Call villas on your right.  (For information on checking-in, click the  Check-In / Out  link ).

Isle of Palms

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